As the organisers of Friss Hús, we believe that without cinema, there is no health. In 2020, however, it has become clear that there is (and will be) no cinema without health. Therefore, in order to protect you as well as our audience and our employees, we ask you to follow a few not too complicated precautions. Please take care of yourself and your fellow festival attendees!

We ask you to:

  • Please stay at home if you develop a fever or show flu-like symptoms.
  • Use the hand sanitisers provided by us.
  • Wear a mask. (We will do the same.)
  • Enter and leave the screening rooms following the cinema’s intermittent release and admission policy.
  • Maintain a distance from other people. Signs will help you with this.
  • Buy your tickets online, we are all fed up with queuing anyway. :)

In cooperation with the Budapest Film team, we are doing our best to ensure a safe cinema experience for you. The screening rooms, foyer, toilets, countertops, door handles and other surfaces are disinfected regularly.

We can’t wait to finally show you the selection of great films we’ve put together for you!