No cinema, no health - this is our motto for 2021 as well as the previous years. It is imperative that we look after each other and our own, though, and so we made a few simple rules to make sure you can all enjoy the films in safety.

  • Ticket pre-sales will be online - please only get yours once you’ve got your immunity certificate.
  • Please only enter cinema premises with an immunity certificate - cinema employees can ask you to show them at any time.
    • Immunity certificate is not required for outdoor screenings.
  • Don’t forget to bring photo ID with the immunity certificate.
  • Minors may visit the festival in the company of an adult holding an immunity certificate.
  • Please wear your masks, especially in enclosed spaces!
  • Keep your distance! Follow the relevant markings.
  • Use the hand sanitizers provided!
  • The audience will enter and leave the screening rooms gradually in groups as per cinema policy.
  • Please stay home if you have a fever or other symptoms.

In cooperation with the team of Budapest Film, we are doing our best to make sure you can watch the films safely,. The screening rooms and all other rooms will be cleaned and disinfected as often as possible, with special attention to the sinks, toilets, counters and door handles.

Let’s finally meet in person - with each other and the films!