Real Hungarian Stars in Hungarian Short Films

Real Hungarian Stars in Hungarian Short Films

The Hungarian official competition lineup for the 11th Friss Hús is official. Tickets on sale now.

The Friss Hús Budapest International Short Film Festival presents the best Hungarian and international short films. Friss Hús is the most important showcase not only for talented filmmakers, but also for the Hungarian film stars of the present and the near future. This year, a record number of domestic films, competition films from Cannes and Annecy with an exciting cast will be screened at the Puskin Cinema and the City Hall Courtyard from 1 to 7 June. Tickets for the 11th Friss Hús screenings are now on sale on the Puskin Cinema website and at the box office!

Immediately after its world premiere at the Cannes International Film Festival, Flora Buda's short film 27 will be screened in Hungary at the 11th Friss Hús, which will also be screened at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival, the world's most important animation festival. The film stars twenty-seven-year-old Alíz, who still lives with her parents. On her birthday, during a night of intoxication, she realises that it's time to say goodbye to illusions and embrace the reality around her. Flora Buda's previous film, Entropy, won an award at the Berlinale and was featured at Friss Hús: her short film project 27 was presented at a pitch forum at Friss Hús in 2021.

Domonkos Erhardt: The Corner of My Eye

This year, the Hungarian competition lineup of Friss Hús will showcase many internationally acclaimed films: Zénó Mira's MOME graduation film Fox Tossing has been invited to Annecy, and will be screened in Hungary before its international premiere. Domonkos Erhardt was in the Generation programme of the 73rd Berlinale with The Corner of My Eye, a film that tells the story of a bus ride where the eyes of a boy and a girl meet. Pragma, the new film by Bianka Szelestey, who made her debut at last year's Cannes Film Festival and was a hit at Friss Hús, will also be screened.

In addition to talented young actors, the Hungarian competition films of the 11th Friss Hús will also feature some of the best-known figures in the business. Ágnes Gubik will play Queen Elisabeth Christine in Maria Theresa Gives Birth, while the outstanding performances of György Gazsó, Tamás Keresztes and Zsolt Trill can be seen in The Low and Mighty. Piroska Molnár appears as a gypsy woman in Kissed By The Devil, and Adél Kováts plays a single mother raising her teenage daughters in Affricate.

Anna Gyimesi: Affricate

Armand Kautzky and Gábor Harsányi appear in cameo roles in Dub Hard : The Sad and True Story of the Robbery Of The Pannonia Dubbing Studio. Barbara Hegyi and Abigél Szőke (Those Who Remained, The Informer) play the mother-daughter pair in the drama Reap What You Sow. Niké Kurta appears in a short film shot in Croatia – Caravan - about four young campers on a holiday full of tension.

Eszter Ónodi, Gábor Nagypál (Golden Life), Benett Vilmányi (Larry, Zanox) and Márton Patkós (The Informer, Ice Cream Can Be Dangerous) star in SATAN, a film about extreme ambition. Take Me Away features Laura Döbrösi (When Shall We Kiss, Golden Life), Orsolya Török-Illyés (It's Not the Time of My Life, Sticky Matters) and last year's Friss Csillag, Katica Nagy.

For detailed information on the Friss Hús programmes, click here.

Tickets for the 11th Friss Hús screenings go on sale today at the Puskin cinema box office and on the website!

A block of Hungarian competition films will be screened every night from 1-7 June at the outdoor screening area of the City Hall, tickets are available on the Tixa website.


The full competition programme:

27 (Director: Anna Flóra Buda)

Affricate (Director: Anna Gyimesi)

The Bath (Director: Dániel Nagy)

The Low and Mighty (Director: Péter Karácsony)

The Princess (Director: Jakab Bóna)

The Salmon (Director: Viktor Kertész)

Birthmark (Director: Tamás Benkó)

The Garden of Heart (Director: Olivér Hegyi)

The Swimmer (Director: Máté Bögi)

Caravan (Director: Szonja Szabó)

Kissed By The Devil (Director: Mátyás Derzsi)

Dub Hard : The Sad and True Story of the Robbery Of The Pannonia Dubbing Studio (Director: Zsolt Dér)

Einstand (Director: Levente Kölcsey)

Fox Tossing (Director: Zénó Mira)

Cactusman (Director: Oliver Rudolf)

Two of Us (Director: Viktória Bera)

Reap What You Sow (Director: Máté Konkol)

LIGHTS (Director: Adél Palotás)

Maria Theresa Gives Birth (Director: Cibulya Nikol)

Nikó (Director: Anna Korom)

Not Safe For Watching (Director: Péter Dóczé)

Pitvarszk (Director: Gábor Varga)

Pragma (Director: Bianka Szelestey)

Morning (Director: Dániel Botos)

Hermit Island (Director: Gábor Mariai)

Hunters (Director: Lili Dorottya Sándor)

Age of the Dragon (Director: Marcell Farkas)

SATAN (Directors: Arion Csihar, Marcell Belső)

From the Corner of My Eyes (Director: Domonkos Erhardt)

Against the Wind (Director: Flora Chilton)

You, Who Exist (Directors: Sára Holczer, Ábris Imre)

Our Last Day (Director: Balázs Mihály Szabó)

Reality Filter (Director: Ádám Nagy)

Take Me Away (Director: Kata Oláh)

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