Friss Hús Budapest International Short Film Festival Postponed

Friss Hús Budapest International Short Film Festival Postponed

Almost one year has gone by since last year’s festival, where we showcased the work of several hundred talented filmmakers. Friss Hús Budapest was organised, since years, in the period before Easter at Toldi Cinema.

The events of the past weeks have made it clear for us that we have to think through if going forward with the festival is possible considering the wellbeing and safety of all : filmmakers, audience, and organisers alike.

The past few days have been hard, as we have a fantastic lineup and a variety of interesting events planned, which we would like to show to as many people as possible.

However - aligned with the steps taken by the Hungarian government- we believe that it is not only necessary to make good and responsible decisions when we select our current lineup, but also when, as organisers, we have to put the safety and wellbeing of others in our main focus.

The situation that arises from the spread of the coronavirus has given us no other responsible choice than to postpone this year's Friss Hús Budapest International Shortfilm Festival, which was supposed to be held between the 23rd and 29th of March.

Our goal is to be able to organise the 2020 edition of Friss Hús at a later date, which will be announced depending on the development of the coronavirus situation.

Since we don’t want to leave you without your shorts completely during the original date of the festival, we will surprise you with some of the best shorts from Friss Hús’ past! Follow our updates on our website or on Facebook.