Friss Hús Goes Queer!

Friss Hús Goes Queer!

Every year we try to showcase some of the most exciting international and local LGBTQ+ films to our audience. The Queer Dreams is an audience-favourite each year, and this year we selected seven new films. Even more thrilling: three of the films will be Hungarian films.

The selected films are:

  • Alba Vulva (directed by Dorka Vermes)
  • August (directed by Jonathan Berlin)
  • Dogs Do Not Eat Grass (directed by Júlia Bagossy)
  • Eggshells (directed by Slava Doytcheva)
  • I Didn't Go to My Father's Funeral (directed by Zsigmond Kungl)
  • Starfuckers (directed by Antonio Marziale)
  • Summer Friends (directed by Maxime Hermet)

The seven films will compete for the hearts of our audience – quite literally, as we will give out the Audience Award for the Queer Dreams section at our awards show.

Queer Dreams will screen twice: on June 7th and 8th, at Toldi Cinema.