Hajni Kis Doubles the Awards

Hajni Kis Doubles the Awards

This year’s festival had audience awards in three categories: in the LGBTQ and horror sections and the international competition.

For the first time, Friss Hús organised an LGTBQ section showing the best shorts about the topic from last year, and a horror section which the audience could see at a late night screening.

The Friss Hús #Queer Audience Award was given to Hajni Kis’ Student Oscar-nominated Szép alak (Beautiful Figure), in which a high school cleaning lady falls in love with a senior student. Hajni Kis also won the award for the Best Hungarian Short Film with her newest film, Last Call.

The best horror according to the audience of @Midnight was Teemu Niukkanen’s Fucking Bunnies whose middle aged protagonist, Raimo’s middle class life is turned upside down by the arrival of a satanist sex sect.

The international competition’s audience favorite was the Estonian animation Manivald by Chintis Lundgren. In the animated short, the title character’s uneventful life with her mother changes radically with the appearance of a sexy plumber.